Innovative burger bun competion 2.0

In 2020 I entered my first baking competition where I had to create a burger bun and a sweet breakfast item. I made an Hawian burger bun with dried pineapple and a half coffee- half coconut muffin. The number of times I made muffins in one week was crazy. It was at least 10 batchesContinue reading “Innovative burger bun competion 2.0”

Recipie book

Whenever I try a new recipe I always write it down (over 70 since I started college) that way I don’t have to have piles of recipie sheets everywhere,and I get to write my own instructions since my college recipies don’t come with any..I use perfectly penned’s book that has so many pages and looksContinue reading “Recipie book”

Maybe something healthier…

When you think of baking does your mind think of delicious cakes and gooey choc chip cookies well i think of that too. When i bake every week i don’t want to just make just sugary (still nice though) bakes, maybe something healthier like i was thinking of doing baked, healthy meals so my bakingContinue reading “Maybe something healthier…”

Pizza pockets

These pizza pockets are from and they are the perfect meal idea for kids. The cheese oozes out the sides and makes an extra crunch to the bake. They taste amazing and I would eat them all day if I could. But, I can’t because I’ll explode! #yummy #food #pizza #pizzapockets #lovepizza #love #pizzaloverContinue reading “Pizza pockets”