Innovative burger bun competion 2.0

In 2020 I entered my first baking competition where I had to create a burger bun and a sweet breakfast item.

I made an Hawian burger bun with dried pineapple and a half coffee- half coconut muffin.

The number of times I made muffins in one week was crazy. It was at least 10 batches to make sure the coffee was strong enough. I used an expresso, instant coffee, and coffee flavoring to make it strong enough.

Creating and making a burger bun, experimenting with flavors on my own as opposed to making bread in a structured lesson was quite a unique experience. I learned a lot, especially molding them perfectly and what flavors and toppings work well together.

If you’re wondering what the results were, I did win first place (whoo). it did feel nice to know I am capable of creating my own ideas.

This year, last week I re-entered the competition. making an Ube, sun-dried tomato and cheese burger bun, and a strawberry green tea baumkuchen. I had leftover Purple Ube powder from my patisserie exam so why not put it in bread?

The baumkuchen was originally going to be dorayaki (two American pancakes filled with sweet red bean paste ) but my paste was too salty and tasted like fish. Thinking on the spot I quickly ordered some strawberry green tea that came 20 minutes later and used that in some buttercream.

They both tasted really nice even if they weren’t as complicated and intense as my 2020 ones.

This year over 72 people entered when last time it was only 20 so I wasn’t expecting to win (which I didn’t). but i’m so glad that the majority of lv3 (the year below me) decided to enter the competition. The amount of ideas I heard we’re so fun, like a marmite and mustard bun or cheesy garlic ones.

Not sure what ill do next time but I cant wait to try…

Published by Megan_A_Davidson

socially awkward 18-year old who loves to draw and bake

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