Made 4 pizzas this week. (very fun.)


My 1st pizza was a homemade, cheese-string stuffed crust, healthy, whole wheat, pizza (that was a mouthful) and it was goood. However, the cheese strings weren’t very gooey like the internet said they would but i should’ve known as ‘don’t believe everything you see on the internet’.

2 days after…

Went to a chesterfield college taster session as I want to do a baking apprenticeship. I made 3 Hawaiian pizzas and I learnt some knife skills (with a massive knife), and that white dough is nicer that whole wheat dough and that I really want to be a baker as apart from the awkward silence it was really stress-free and fun.

p.s: if anyone in chesterfield, derby shire,England knows any bakeries that do apprenticeships for next year let me know in the comments.

Megan x


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socially awkward 18-year old who loves to draw and bake

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