Victoria Cake (Ish)

Right this cake was good, and at least it was better than the 1st one I did a couple of weeks ago. That one well…I couldn’t take a photo of as it fell to pieces so I put it in a bowl with some custard which was nice. (Good job it tasted good!) I think it was down to the recipe as that one was American and the not fail (ish) was British from a Be-ro book. it could have also been down to the amount of butter I added. who knows?

The cake I made on Saturday was good as it was in one piece but, the filling was a little runny from me quaddroopaling (can’t spell lol basically x4.) the amount of water I added which I instantly shouldn’t have done as now i have a big bowl of runny buttercream in my fridge sighing at me in disappointment. I’m disappointed as I can’t even spell disappointed. even though I knew the buttercream was runny I still used it and it went everywhere like an over-emotional waterfall (which is runnier than my buttercream!). the jam was good though as I didn’t make that. (phew!)

Even though it was messy I’m still proud of myself for making something edible and tasty (in one piece!)





Published by Megan_A_Davidson

socially awkward 18-year old who loves to draw and bake

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