White bread loaf

2:16 pm- waiting for the bread to prove. I am very tired from all that kneading (5 MINS OF IT!) and it’s my 1st time. I feel like I’m on fire (probably shouldn’t wear a jumper) and the world’s strongest kneader!

later on… took me 3 hours (ish) to make it and it honestly was one of the best loaves of bread I’ve ever tasted. during the making, it didn’t really rise but I think it was down to me using plain flour and not bread flour. it was really hot but fun making it. however, someone (not naming) chucked it in the bin as it was “raw” apparently!

paul Hollywood would be proud!

RIP bread

also, it just started raining outside (because I would be worried if it rained inside).


IMG_5120#bread #yummy #rip #hardwork #goals #gbbo #paulhollywood #food

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socially awkward 18-year old who loves to draw and bake

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